Mrs. Bramfeld

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Mrs. Bramfeld

Our Fourth Grade Class

Some of Our Favorite Things
4th graders, using expanding research and writing skills, learn about many saints.  This unit culminates in a grand, all-parish Mass on All Saints' Day.   Throughout the day fourth grade saints will visit all of the classrooms sharing stories of a saint they have chosen.

The 4th graders are also participating in the Holy Cross  4-8 Accelerated Reading Program.  They are off to a great start.  This is a wonderful national reading incentive program.

We are also regularly using the IXL Math website to review skills, in class and for homework.

Fourth graders have ordered their recorders.  They will be learning to read  music and play their recorders during the school year.  We have a Recorder Concert in the spring.

This is the first year students participate in the classroom and school,  4-8 National Geographic Geography Bee.  They are eager to learn more about the world.

In the spring we'll learn about the state of Illinois, its history, government and favorite son; Abraham Lincoln.  The 4th grades charter a bus to visit some of the historic sites we have learned about in Springfield.

​  Grade 4