Veteran's Day is right around the corner!

Friday, November 11th, all classes will be performing for a Veteran's Day Assembly. The assembly will be right after mass.  Please join us in celebrating our Veterans.

Music classes:
 Kindergarten - General Music
1st Grade - General Music
2nd Grade - General Music
3rd Grade - General Music
4th Grade - General Music / Recorder
5th Grade - General Music
6th Grade - General Music

6-8 Band Expectations
Each band member is expected to turn in a practice log each week.  Practice logs are different than practice cards.  Practice logs keep track of what the student has practiced and fixed each time they sat down and practiced.  Students are expected to do 4 practice logs entries per week.  Each entry needs to be 3-4 sentences, and the students need to write (in complete sentences) what they practiced and how they fixed the problems.  Each entry is 25 points, and they need four entries per week.  In total, the practice logs are 100 pts/week.   

The goal of the practice log is that the students fix problems they are having with their music, not the amount of time they are practicing.  Studies have shown that shorter, more consistent practice times are more effective in students' learning. 

Fun Online Music Games & Quizzes

Links for Lessons 
Flute - Sue Garton FluteKeys
Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion/Vocals - The Music Shoppe - a list and bio of all instructors
Percussion - Meagan Gillis email: tel 410.271.4469
Woodwind/Brass/Percussion/Strings/Piano - Conservatory of Central IL

Links for Practice
Brass Trainer

Current Concerts/Events:

*Veteran's Day Concert - November 11, 2016

*ILMEA Performance - November 19, 2016
-More information to come

Christmas Concert

     - Concert 1 (Kindergarten - 5th grade general music)
     - Concert 2 (6th general music, 7/8 choir, 5,6,7/8 band)

IESA Solo and Ensemble Competition (optional)

Spring Concert

Mother's Day Tea
(performed by 1st grade and Kindergarten)