We strive to prepare students to lead an ethical life of reflection and service to others, rooted in prayer and the knowledge of the Catholic faith and tradition. Students attend weekly Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. Students at all levels actively participate in service projects throughout the school year. Our students provide milk and fresh fruit weekly to the local Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. Individual classes have ongoing service projects throughout the school year which involve local nursing homes, the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry, and the Humane Society. Religion is taught daily.

Students are presented with a challenging traditional curriculum, which includes reading, vocabulary, writing, math, science, and social studies. Students also benefit from our classes in basic computing skills, which they start at kindergarten and continue through grade 8. Our curriculum focuses on enabling our students to read, write, and speak effectively as well as analyze and evaluate ideas. Our outstanding achievement test scores are found on the Resources page of this website.

Our science classes are project oriented. Students learn the tenets of the scientific method through experimentation and labs. Students in grades 6 and 8 participate in a science fair. Our 3rd and 6th graders participate in a simulation of a NASA space mission.

We also offer high school-level algebra. Students who successfully complete our algebra course go on to geometry, advanced algebra, and calculus in high school.

Students in 7th and 8th grade choose from several electives in addition to the core curriculum. These electives may include Spanish, band, music, art, computer, drama, and consumer education.

Our full-time PE teacher has structured our PE program to correspond with best practices defined by research. Our physical education program stands as a model for the University of Illinois kinesiology department. Students from University of Illinois routinely participate in PE classes as they learn to become PE teachers themselves. Wellness and fitness are key goals of our program. All students participate in all classes.

Our school library is staffed by a full-time librarian who meets with all grades each week. Our library contains over 9,000 volumes. The library collection is on-line so that students can check out easily. A reading incentive program is offered to students in grades 4-8. Students read books and take quizzes online through the Accelerated Reader program.

Our computer lab contains 25 Mac-Mini computers, and our school is networked so that all classrooms have Internet accessibility. A wireless Internet connection is available throughout the building.


We are proud of program involving the arts. Students graduate from Holy Cross being exposed to music, theater, and the visual arts.

Music is taught throughout each grade level and focuses on performance and theory. Our music teachers work with our students to compete in vocal and ensemble competitions. Holy Cross School is well known for our professional musicals performed every spring. Band is offered to students in grades 5 through 8. They also compete in solo and ensemble competitions.

A full time art teacher provides art instruction for all students with additional art classes for students in grades 7 and 8. Art concepts, art history and appreciation and art making (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc.) are taught sequentially at age appropriate levels. Over the past several years, our students' works have been chosen to be reproduced as Christmas seals for the Holy Childhood Association. Student artists are celebrated and their work is displayed each month. An art fair is held each spring.


Our graduates are routinely on the honor rolls of the area high schools. Several of our graduates were honored recently by becoming Illinois State Scholars. Graduates of Holy Cross have attended highly selective universities such as the University of Illinois (some among the Senior 100), Yale, Boston College, Miami University of Ohio, University of Wisconsin, St. Louis University, and Stanford.

Graduates of Holy Cross School will be able:

  • To make choices leading to an ethical life of reflection and service to others rooted in prayer and the knowledge of the Catholic faith and tradition.
  • To listen, read, write and speak effectively.
  • To work with others respectfully, courteously, and compassionately.